Robert Cummings and my mother, Julie Bishop, starred in the TV series
MY HERO.  Our families had been friends from long before I was born.  Their daughter, Melinda, and I shared our first birthday cake together, and were pretty much inseparable throughout our school years.  The Cummings lived just up the street, and I'm sure I spent more time at their house than I did at my own!  Naturally, we dreamed of following in the show business path, and tortured our families with backyard "talent shows," and endless dance and voice lessons.

Melinda was the first to play the role of "Doris" in GENERATION opposite her father.  When she had to return to college, his younger daughter, Patricia, took over the role.  Eventually, I was fortunate enough to be asked to play the part, and I made my professional debut at the Drury Lane Theatre South in Chicago. We went on in the national company tour for a year, and I had the time of my life!

My husband was played by Howard Platt, a Chicago actor who went on to star in numerous films and television series.

Our cast included David Rosenbaum, who brought us to tears of laughter each performance.  During the run, his role was also played by Lewis Arquette (father of Rosanna).  Robert Osborne of the Movie Channel and writer for The Hollywood Reporter, began his career as an actor, and was wonderful in the show.  David Lewis and Edgar Meyer both played the role of the baby doctor at different times.  Each combination of actors enriched the performances of those of us who remained throughout, and I learned a lot from them all.