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The first one is just a snap taken between shots on the set.  The others are from the film, itself.  Playing "Nurse Karen" was an interesting experience, and the fan support even today is wonderful.  Thank you!

To tell you the truth, the water was COLD in that hot tub!  Poor Leo Rossi and I had trouble keeping our teeth from chattering!  Also, it wasn't particularly clean and I ended up with an ear infection, unfortunately...but nothing a few antibiotics couldn't cure!  Leo, who played "Bud,"  is a wonderful character actor and terrific to work with, very professional and lots of fun, as was the rest of the cast.  Jamie, too, was always great on set, especially in view of the fact that she had such difficult things to do physically - like crawling through the parking lot clawing the ground with her fingernails (I can still hear the sound!)   She was a good sport, and during the long hours of night shooting, we all hung out in her trailer between shots to keep warm.

Michael Meyers was played by a wonderful stuntman named Dick Warlock.

The "dunking scene" was particularly difficult for me, but Dick made it as easy as he could. He was extremely gentle while holding me under water, so that I would not be afraid. It took us two days to film this scene because it required so many make-up changes, as you'll see below.

We shot the sequences in the hot tub first, both with Bud and with Michael. Then, on the second day, AFTER all the dunking, we filmed what they call the "glamour shot"...BEFORE I get dunked.  The poor hairdresser simply could not get the vasoline out of my hair...she even tried dry cleaning fluid!

    These are some snaps taken by the make-up man. To get the proper effect, they would put latex on my face and then inject vasoline into it...dunk me, apply more latex, inject more vasoline, dunk some more - well, you get the idea!

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