Murder She Wrote
...with Alex Cord...


"Death Stalks the Big Top" was the first two-part episode I shot.  I played a high-wire performer and actually learned how to walk a tight-rope.  One of the shots takes place high up and something is supposed to go wrong with the pole.  After only a few hours of practice, they put me up on a wire where I was supposed to lose my balance and fall into a net - (actually, an airbag.)  It worked great - except that when I fell, I totally missed the airbag!  But I was so concerned about the shot going well that I didn't feel a thing!  Fortunately, I was trained by Bob Yerkes, who trains most of the celebrities for Circus of the Stars.  He is so calm, and he just gives you the confidence you need to do almost anything.  He made it so easy!   The second episode I did was "Badge of Honor."